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Biopesticides in Integrated Crop Management
(Module Completed)


Presented By
Jesús Yáñez

This training module provides a deep dive into microbial and plant-extract-based biopesticides for sustainable crop production. Covering definitions, global resources, and their role in agriculture, it explains biopesticide types, production processes, and formulation technologies. Learn about screening methods and practical applications, including rotation and tank mixing with chemical and biological pesticides. The module explores global marketing trends in a comprehensive manner.


Module Outline

Section 1: Overview of Biopesticides

  • General overview of microbial and botanical biopesticide development and formulation

  • Prospective uses in plant protection and integrated pest management

  • Discussion of current regulatory issues and regional trends

  • Statistical information on global and regional biodiversity, biopesticide market values, and trends

  • Exploration of biopesticide development, testing methods, and ensuring efficacy and competitiveness with standard chemical pesticides

Section 2: Microbial-based Biopesticides

  • Focus on microbial-based biopesticides – bacteria, fungi, beneficial nematodes

  • Cover isolation, identification, and conservation methods

  • Discuss screening bioassays for selecting specific or broad-spectrum strains

  • Explore microbial growth kinetics, enzyme, and metabolite production

  • Compare application systems and practices, efficacy results with chemical pesticides

Section 3: Plant Extracts in Developing Biopesticides and Biosolutions

  • Explain the basis for collecting and producing plants for extraction

  • Explore plant extraction methods, analytical equipment, and standardization methods

  • Delve into the potential of botanical molecules, screening, and defining specific uses

  • Discuss the development of simple and complex-blended botanical pesticides and their pros and cons

  • Compare plant extract-based products to chemical and microbial-based products in plant protection, providing insights into expected efficacy results

What this module offers you?

Designed and tailored for BioAg experts and professionals within the industry, including agronomists, multidisciplinary scientists, researchers, market and business development managers, as well as anyone related to or interested in the discovery, development, formulation, production, and marketing of biopesticides. Topics include global trends, biopesticide types and modes of action, production processes, screening methods and formulations. This module is also suitable for technicians and managers of Integrated Pest Management programs.


What will you take away?

This module will provide you with essential knowledge and abilities to effectively bring your product to the market. It covers various aspects of biopesticides, including their marketing, production, testing, and application in crop cultivation. The module also delves into global marketing trends for biopesticides, ensuring participants gain a comprehensive understanding of this vital aspect of integrated pest management.

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