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Learn from the Best

Get a seat with the bioagriculture leaders, learn their knowledge and understand their insight into the industry. Work with these novel experts to implement ideas in your company and solve your toughest problems.

About the Academy

We are passionate about you being at your best by learning from the best leaders in the industry.

We created an ideal learning platform to revolutionize your business and achieve your goals.

Join us in the next learning adventure on May 5, 2023

Offered virtually and in-person at the BioAg World Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Training Modules


Integrating Biologicals Into Your Crop Protection Program

pam_marrone_2 cropped.webp

Presented by

Pam Marrone, PhD


Building a Successful BioAg Start-Up:Ideation to Execution

Marcus-Meadows-Smith SQUARE.png

Presented by

Marcus Meadows-Smith


Biostimulants: From Science to Practice to Results

Colla formal.jpg

Presented by

Giuseppe Colla, PhD


Commercialization ToolBox

Dan Custis.jpg

Presented by

Dan Custis

Get the most out of these carefully curated, in-demand, industry-relevant modules

presented by some of the most globally-renown experts in the BioAg Industry!


Building the Foundation

We have planned an engaging curriculum that sparks curiosity and imagination to help expand knowledge, develop skills, and encourage innovation. These learning resources will provide you with an advanced
knowledge base that is in high demand globally across various sectors of the BioAg industry.

The curriculum is designed to be delivered as part of an academic program of study, with educational learning objectives, and is mapped and aligned to relevant standards.

Rewarding Benefits

Empirical AgriBusiness Experience

Innovation with Industry Experts

 Ongoing learning support

Empower through Learning

Industry-Wide Recognised Certification

Explore New Horizons in Bio Agriculture

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